For the 2010 – 2011 school year, the USF Climbing Club’s competitive team will function a bit differently.  First off, there will not be a cap on how many competitors we can have, to be quite honest, the more, the merrier.  As discovered from last season, competitions can be a lot of fun and we want everyone to experience a competitive climbing atmosphere, however this may come with a price.  Due to the lack of funds for every member to travel, we may have to fund raise for competitions and even fork up some of our own cash.  But that will be figured out later.

More importantly, the Collegiate Climbing Series is less than 6 months away and the some USFCC members have already began training.  If you wish to compete, please contact a club officer or email Jorge and someone will be happy to assist and get all anxious competitors off to a good start.  Once the climbing team has been confirmed, there will be mandatory training sessions for competitors.  Please keep this in mind.  For any questions again, please contact Jorge.

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